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Executive Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. What is the purpose of RiteSite's Custom Career Service?
    RiteSiteís purpose is to provide the strongest and most comprehensive possible help to job-hunting and career-building executives. John Lucht, author of the world's #1 bestselling executive career guide has designed RiteSiteís 12-Point CCS Program to help you with everything you can do to advance your job search and long-term career development. Even your personal networking is facilitated by the administrative tools on RiteSite. The siteís central core is devoted to helping you know, contact, and build relationships with Johnís carefully selected group of 498 retained executive search firms which are "Rites-Honored" in Rites of Passage and on RiteSite. They do an estimated 80% of all searches done by recruiters who work only on retainer. Become known to them. Hear about some of their searches in your field throughout your career.

  2. How is RiteSite's Custom Career Service (CCS) better than the sites that invite me to post my resume free of charge?
    RiteSite brings you much more than just resume posting. However, its postings are different and superior. Over 99% of all job sites -- including Monster, 6FigureJobs, HotJobs, CareerJournal and the others -- invite you to post for free. They all earn their revenues by advertising jobs and by selling access to the resumes they've accumulated. Unfortunately, the headhunters who pay to see those resumes are virtually all contingency recruiters -- paid only when a hire occurs. RiteSite takes you to an entirely different segment. Its "Rites-Honored" recruiters are all paid on retainer. They handle the vast majority of the highest-level jobs, and they traditionally never pay to access any database. They network by phone and use their own firmís database (which RiteSite helps you enter). Because Ritesite is paid for by executives, it encourages Rites-Honored recruiters to search its Identity-Revealed resume database free of charge, while simultaneously refusing entry to the headhunters who financially support the other sites.
  3. How is RiteSite's Custom Career Service (CCS) better than the other sites that charge me for service?
    There are two other major pay-for-service sites besides RiteSite. Similar to each other, they are very different from RiteSite. They both encourage search firms and employers to post $100,000+ jobs on their sites for free. They make their revenues by charging executives up to $300 or more per year to see those job leads. RiteSite also invites the posting of $100,000+ jobs for free. However, viewing those jobs is entirely free of charge to all who visit. RiteSite does not sell its job leads. RiteSite's modest $94.00 charge is for one year of its comprehensive 12-Point CCS Program, which contains several unique COMPUTERIZED TIME- AND WORK-SAVING TOOLS that ONLY OUR MEMBERS CAN USE. One of those tools scans hundreds of thousands of additional jobs elsewhere on the Web. YOU tell it which of those to report to YOU.
  4. RiteSite emphasizes that I should cultivate relationships with its strictly retainer-compensated "Rites-Honored" recruiters. Yet it also publishes job postings from contingency recruiters. Why?
    To post on RiteSite, a contingency recruiter must identify himself or herself by personal name, firm name, street address, telephone number and email address. Moreover, all of this information provided when signing up to post jobs on RiteSite is automatically and inescapably shown on the screen and on every print-out of the person's postings. All of which gives you a basis for checking the authenticity of both the person and the firm. Many contingency recruiters have refused to comply with RiteSite's stringent identity requirements. Those who are happy to comply are not only "checkable," but also tend to be outstanding representatives of the contingency search profession ... the very type of person RiteSite is willing and proud to serve. Internet job sites abound with unheard of and uninvestigatable recruiters. RiteSite does not.
  5. Since RiteSite doesn't charge to look at its job postings, I have looked and I see that you don't have a huge number of jobs. Why then should I join your site?
    Simple. You are not yet a member. Therefore, you are only shown the jobs posted directly on RiteSite. You are not shown the many thousands of jobs that our computer -- working 24/7 -- is continually locating for our members on a vast number of other Web sites all across the Internet. This powerful service, called RECONNAISANCE, is for members only. When you're a member, the computer will honor your requests for (1) immediate searches and (2) prompt notifications, with respect to all of the jobs it finds that meet the specific criteria YOU define.
  6. I already belong to an executive networking site (NETSHARE or Execunet). Why should I also join RiteSite?"
    Virtually every feature on RiteSite is unique and not provided on either of those other fine sites. They, on the other hand, have features not on RiteSite, especially in the area of local meetings in various cities. RiteSite's features are non-overlapping, and much needed. For example, identification of the Rites-Honored recruiters and easy submission of your resume in the manner each firm specifies will lay the essential foundation for your current job search and will foster your life-long career development. Other features, such as presence in both RiteSite databases are nearly as fundamental. You get John Lucht's experienced counsel in RiteSite University. Also, there's "Members Helping Members" Networking Ė totally unbounded geographically, because introductions are developed online. Plus, even more. RiteSite is your ideal site if you only have one, and the perfect complement to either of the other fine sites if you have more than one.