Make Over Hydrastay Glow Fluid Foundation for Dry Skin

Choosing a foundation is a tricky thing, of course it must be adjusted to the skin type. Especially for dry skin, if you choose the wrong  foundation , your makeup might turn out cakey and don’t last long. Make Over has launched a new makeup series titled hydrastay.

This time will discuss one of the series, namely Make Over Hydrastay Glow Fluid Foundation. Wow, this is a breath of fresh air for dry skin owners.

Make Over Hydrastay Glow Fluid Foundation is designed or formulated for owners of dry skin. You see, this foundation is enriched with deep hydrating actives. Well, the hydration effect can last up to 24 hours, you know, Beauties!

Even better, Hydrastay Glow Fluid Foundation is a medium coverage foundation. It is even possible to use several layers depending on your makeup needs, so you can achieve a high coverage finish.

Hydrastay Glow Fluid Foundation is innovated using Water Burst Technology. This innovation will provide a watery hydration effect when blended.

Make Over also claims that this new foundation will give a smooth and glowing finish like a second-skin, even when used in layers. Don’t be afraid that your makeup will look too much if you use this Make Over foundation.

This product has been dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic, safe! You can also feel safe to use it during the day because this product already contains SPF 30 PA+++.

Besides being good news for owners of dry skin, this Make Over foundation can also be used by many skin tones because they provide 8 shade options that can be adjusted to your needs.

There are 8 shades that you can choose, Beauties.
1. N10 Marble
2. C21 Pink Ivory
3. W22 Warm Ivory
4. N30 Natural Beige
5. W33 Honey Beige
6. W41 Coral
7. W42 Warm Sand
8. N50 Tan

The packaging of Hydrastay Glow Fluid Foundation is cute and unique like nail polish. If you want to try the latest products from Make Over, you can get this foundation at a price of IDR 175,000.

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